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Thông báo chương trình hội thảo về Biển tổ chức tại Thâm Quyến, Trung Quốc.

The 6th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2017 (WCO-2017)

Theme: Our Ocean, Our Future

Oct. 30 - Nov. 01, 2017 | Shenzhen, China


We are honored to announce that the 6th Annual World Congress of Ocean (WCO-2017) will be hold during Oct. 30 - Nov. 01, 2017 in Shenzhen, China, with the theme “Our Ocean, Our Future”. On behalf of the organizing committee, I am writing to you to propose a Speech as the Speaker in Session 407: Advanced Underwater Vehicles and Design Tech. We believe that your participation will add great value for WCO-2017.

If the suggested thematic session is not your current focused core, you may look through the whole sessions and transfer another one that fit your interest. Here is a direct link for program: http://www.bitcongress.com/wco2017/programlayout.asp If there is any problem or concerns about the conference, please feel free to contact me.

WCO-2016 is held in Qingdao last year, which has achieved good results. WCO-2017 will be holding simultaneously with Aquaculture and Fisheries-2017 in Shenzhen. The WCO-2012, WCO-2013, WCO-2014 and WCO-2015 also successfully held in Dalian, Hangzhou, Dalian and Qingdao. Participants from the international enterprises, academic and research institutions enjoyed the three days scientific program. Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing WCO-2017 which would be better and more successful than WCO-2016.

WCO-2017 plans to shoot for 150+ oral presentations as below:

Opening Ceremony & Plenary Lecture

High-end Dialogue

Project Matchmaking

Stream 1: Ocean Economy & Law

Stream 2: Ocean Renewable Energy

Stream 3: Coastal Engineering

Stream 4: Offshore Engineering

Stream 5: Green Port and Shipping

Stream 6: Marine Management and Environment Protection

Stream 7: Oceanography

Stream 8: Marine Biotechnology

Shenzhen, a major city of Guangdong Province, located at the border with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As one of the major coastal cities in China, Shenzhen is setting its sights on boosting the city’s blue economic development in the bay area. At present, the marine engineering, marine biology, marine aquaculture & marine information technology is walking in the forefront in the city; and next, Shenzhen will integrate manufacture and the advantages of the electronic information industry, strengthen the professional talent introduction and cultivation and local Marine education and cultural construction to provide long-term power for marine sustainable development. Shenzhen will play an important role in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative.. It has one of the busiest container ports in the world. It is also a center of foreign investment and the busiest port in China.

We look forward to your active support and participation in Shenzhen for this influential event!

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