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Thông báo chương trình học ngắn hạn "Oxfam EMMA Training Course in Hanoi (24-28.4.2017)"

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Phòng Quản lý khoa học và Hợp tác quốc tế có nhận được thông báo về Khóa học ngắn hạn "Oxfam EMMA Training Course in Hanoi (24-28.4.2017)"
Các cán bộ nào quan tâm có thể xem tại Nội dung email bên dưới hoặc tham khảo tại website của Viện: irsd.vass.gov.vn
Trân trọng thông báo.

Oxfam in Vietnam is going to organize an EMMA training course (Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis Toolkit) in Hanoi next month. So, I am writing to inform you about the event, and I do hope that you could manage your time and/or nominate your staff to take part in the course. The followings are key information:

  • Training title:      Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis Toolkit (EMMA)
  • Timetable:          24-28 April, 2017 (5 days, included one day in the field- Hanoi)
  • Location:              Grand Meeting Room, Oxfam Office, # 22 Le Dai Hanh, Hanoi
  • Language:           English (the course will be mainly taught in English)
  • Trainer:            International Trainers
  • Training fees:     Free of Charge

Concerning logistics of the training, please be noted that

  • Oxfam will cover all costs for participants who are working and living in Hanoi such as lunches, refreshments and dinner (occasional). However
  • We also welcome your staff who are working in the field offices, BUT please make sure that their travelling and accommodation costs will be covered by you.
  • If your staff wish to join the event, please advise them to complete the training application form and send it back to me by the due (9 April, 2017).

Nguồn:irsd.vass.gov.vn Copy link
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